Just over two years ago


“Just over two years ago, people were scrambling around trying to get footage of Elliott Smith. I had maybe twenty hours of live stuff of him, but it’s all audio. I started thinking, “Why didn’t I just let somebody film him?” I regretted it, not because he’s dead, but because Elliott was, in my mind, one of the greatest songwriters ever. At Largo, his audience was always a mixture of people—Marilyn Manson, people off the street—but all total fans. And they loved him; really, really loved him and wanted him to do well, but we didn’t have any footage to remember it by.(…) I really wish that a lot of people who used to play at Largo were still around. I wish people like Mitch Hedberg and Elliott Smith were still here. In a way, I’m really proud that Elliott was a part of Largo and that I got to know him, but in a way, I just really wish he was here for the filming. I mean, I think Jon Brion and Grant and everyone else are brilliant, but Elliott was such a big part in the beginning and he would just tie the whole thing together.”

Mark Flanagan


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