A brief word on Elliott and depression


©Dawn Radtke

“A brief word on Elliott and depression: it is true, as I have witnessed, that Elliott could sink into despair but, keep in mind, remember that the people surrounding him were feeling not that much different than him… This was the Portland scene that Elliott was part of. To be honest a lot of the dark nature came from the city itself; a place where it rains just as often as not and economic depression was prevalent, and bars outnumber cultural centers 25 to 1, once again, Elliott was merely reflecting what was around him and he not only reflected its sadness but, also its beauty and joy. The guy could go from tears to running a joke into the ground (another talent of Elliott’s) in about two steps. That joker, prat falling goof was just as much Elliott as was the guy crying over song lyrics written on napkins with a shot of Jamesons at his elbow. He could be a jerk and selfish, and he could be very giving (he bought plane tickets for me to go to Mexico after I had a bad breakup, because he felt I needed some time away). Elliott was like all of us, a complete human being…. I feel both lucky and distraught that I knew him so well. Lucky that I was privileged to get that close to a genius, distraught that everyday I miss my friend and I can’t find him in the night no matter how hard I look.”

Sean Croghan


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