He was my best friend and he became iconic

©Denny Swofford

“He was my best friend and he became iconic, and people couldn’t get enough of him, and you didn’t know – is he still my friend? But he would show up and of course he was, he’s Elliott, he didn’t treat me differently. Not totally differently. He made sure I knew that our relationship was intact. There was a lot of respect, and humor; but it was very frustrating to be around other people who were jockeying to get in. He would open himself up to them because he was such a compassionate person. He didn’t want to judge, so sometimes he opened himself up to really disgusting people. But he also wanted the attention.
He made his own choices. He chose those weird, dark-sided people. When he bought the myth of being a rock star it was just unbelievably disappointing.”

Neil Gust


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