I hung out with Elliott after the shows

©Bill Santen

“I hung out with Elliott after the shows but I didn’t like what was going on. When he lived in New York he didn’t really hang out so much with the New York rocker people. He actually made fun of them when he’d see them at Max Fish and stuff, and then somewhere down the line they became embracing of him, and he of them. But he didn’t really seem like himself and he didn’t seem like he was necessarily sober. I’m sure that the Blues Explosion people knew more than anyone that he was not always okay. And I sort of think you have a responsibility, morally, toward somebody if you do really care about them. When Elliott came to town, it wasn’t my idea to go to a bar, it was like, ‘Let’s go to a movie or go get some food, or go get some tea or something. I don’t want to sit in a bar and sit with you and be an enabler’, for lack of a better stupid term for it. Everybody was going out to the bar after the show and buying drinks and shot after shot and it was like, ‘Fuck them for thinking this was a good idea, you’re supposed to be getting your shit together. You’ve been trying to get your shit together and everybody knows you’ve been down some rough roads, and fuck the people who live some stupid rock and roll party lifestyle and think that it’s okay.'”

Dorien Garry


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