The thing about Elliott in his drug use


“The thing about Elliott in his drug use is that I felt like it was somehow in his plan to get strung out, to get really far out there. I always felt like the whole heroin thing, he nodded to it, no pun intended. He had it in his mind that that was going to be part of the picture. He was getting some mileage out of people freaking out when he would talk about it, so he liked that. I really feel like the plan was, ‘I’m going to get really fucked up and come back from that.’ I never thought that he would intentionally kill himself or OD intentionally; if he died it would be an accidental OD. He had plenty of opportunities to kill himself when he got really depressed; I always just felt like he would have done it. I heard he tried a couple of times and they were half-hearted attempts and something happened. With the heroin thing I just thought that that was part of the plan, I thought he was going to do his thing and then he was going to come back. That was the big picture, and he would overcome his demons or have some depth of experience he could draw from artistically or somehow satisfy some romantic vision he wanted to be like. But I don’t think his romantic vision was finally tragic. I think he liked being a tragic character but he wanted to be around to see the results of that characterization.”

Pete Krebs


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