Once you become popular


“Once you become popular and you’re on a major label, you’re never popular enough, and he took that so personally, and became so bitter. It didn’t make any sense to me, because he’d be like ‘Oh, they’re really mad because, you know, Figure 8 sold only 150,000 copies’. I’d be like, ‘Oh fuck, that’s great! But it seemed like it completely overloaded him. When he brought DreamWorks new material, the label rejected his songs, at least once. I think it devastated him. Elliott told me, back then, that they had complained about his voice, the songs he had written, and told him to clean up. The fact is, all major labels use that ‘come back with a hit’ line, but I think with Elliott, that tactic was irresponsible and misguided.”

Lou Barlow


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