Some people are afraid

©Charlie Gross

“Some people are afraid that if they don’t seem like some sort of perpetual winner all the time, if they don’t make a lot of money and wear expensive cologne and go to all the right places, that then people are going to think that they’re some sort of loser. But just because people have a range of emotions and thoughts which can coexist at the same time and at times sometimes they get ecstatically happy about something and at other times ridiculously depressed, doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with them when they’re sad and that they are only successful, good Americans when they’re happy, when everything’s going right for them. The media is always telling people to look better and go shopping more and present an image of prosperity and you can only do that so much before you’re presenting that even to yourself all the time. So if you do go see a movie and the ending isn’t happy, it may be a great movie, but you end up feeling inordinately depressed because you’ve been blocking out your own feelings. There must be some reason why I always get these questions, which to me seem like totally surface things about my music. There’s a lot in my music that I find happy and optimistic, in both the melody and the lyrics.”

Elliott Smith


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