He did get stabbed


“He did get stabbed. This was maybe 3/4 years before he died. It was really unfunny. It was a drug deal went bad. He bought some heroin that was bad heroin and he went back to challenge the guy on the content of his purchase and the guy stabbed him. And he showed up at Largo, there was blood everywhere in his car, and we were like ‘You need to go to the hospital’- ‘I can’t go to the hospital cos I might get arrested on drug charge”. That was the final straw for me. After that, I just went to the head of his record label, I went to his manager, I went to his A&R guy, and everyone that was in his life, and Jon Brion – they were making that beautiful thing at the time, but he would come to the studio and just pass out on the floor and I said ‘Jon, what if he dies here? How are we going to feel about this, you know?” And so we did that intervention after all of that.”

Mark Flanagan

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