He loved a lot of the neighborhoods

“He loved a lot of the neighborhoods, but he had little qualms about not wanting to have neighbors nearby. There was somebody who was living up in Woodstock at the time who made records who had a studio, and I mentioned it to him once when we were up there, and he was like, ‘I don’t want to live in the town where the other dude who makes records has a studio. Big Pink was for sale, then a Japanese collector swooped in and took it off the market. We still went up there a lot and took pictures in front of it and sat in the driveway and tried to figure out what went on in the garage. I wanted that to happen really badly because I thought it would have been good for him to get out of the city and get away from the ‘I can go to a bar any time of night’ accessibility of Manhattan and Brooklyn. None of those places were really suitable for having a studio or even a practice space. It was really a pain in the ass: he really didn’t get to play or write nearly as much as he wanted to and it just sort of seemed like it would have been a perfect – things weren’t all right then and I thought it might have been a perfect chance to get things a little bit better. He was really into it and then this need for him to be in LA just happened.”

Dorien Garry

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