I am writing to let Wayne Coyne and everyone else know

“I am writing to let Wayne Coyne and everyone else know a very important detail he didn’t know when he talked about Elliott’s scuffle with the police in the article. Elliott and his girlfriend Jennifer were standing there when the cops started to beat up some teenagers. When the fight got too close to Elliott and Jennifer they were ordered to move or suffer the consequences, they didn’t. Elliott chose to suffer the consequences.  Continue reading

It really was nothing but sad

©David Black

“It really was nothing but sad. You just sort of saw a guy who had lost control of himself. He was needy, he was grumpy, he was everything you wouldn’t want in a person. It’s not like when you think of Keith Richards being pleasantly blissed out in the corner. I think it points out how unglamorous the whole drug thing really is. For the people who knew him, the people who were around him, it was horrible. It’s not this glamorous, jetsetting, beautiful lifestyle that everybody dreams of rock’n’roll heaven being. It wasn’t like that at all. It was ugly. It was sad.”

Wayne Coyne (about the police incident involving Elliott in 2001)

I try to stay free from traditions

©Kevin Bannon

“I try to stay free from traditions. The only tradition that I like is the tradition of a pop song being short and melodic. The singer-songwriter thing is kinda irritating, cause so many of them have made grand statements about what’s wrong with the world. I mean everybody knows what’s wrong with the world, we don’t really need anybody to tell us. I just like to describe a situation and how you feel about it. I like certain aspects of different traditions… I like the thing about punk that made it important to keep changing even though punk didn’t keep changing, I like the melodic aspect of the Beatles and I like that Bob Dylan really liked words and so did Lou Reed I think and Elvis Costello. And I try to put all the things I like together.”

Elliott Smith



My favorite songs right now


“My favorite songs right now are written and sung by a guy named Elliott Smith. He’s in a band called “Heatmiser”. I like the band ok, but his solo acoustic stuff is incredible. I had the good fortune to tour with him in March. I would listen to him night after night and continually be blown-away emotionally. I would describe him as a cross between Dylan, Nick Drake, and (dare I say) Joni Mitchell a la “Cold Blue Steel Blue” phase. Wynton Marsalis says that the “blues”are like a vaccine: you gotta get a little to take it away. That’s how it is listening to Elliott. It’s so sad and heartfelt that it takes those feelings away. I can’t describe or explain how much his music means to me. I would suggest you get his record and see for yourself. I doubt it will be too long that the rest of the world start to notice this wonderful song-writer, ELLIOTT SMITH.”

Mary Lou Lord, 23 août 1995

She was talking a lot about that movie “La Jetée”


“She was talking a lot about that movie, “La Jetée”, which I think is really cool. It’s all stills, except for one little moment where someone’s eyes open, and that’s the only moving part of it. There was some of that and some… not trying to cop “The Red Balloon”, but there was something kind of interesting about following around an inflated thing. It could represent many things: definitely something that you have some desire for in some way or another. “

Elliott Smith

I was actually thinking about someone


“I was actually thinking about someone in particular for that one [Independence Day], which is really… I almost never do that. It’s just a friend of mine from New York named Josh and just, you know – it was kind of like, an optimistic song, sort of being like – just relax, you have everything you need to be happy but you’ve just got to wait a little bit. I was just kind of thinking of him when i made it up.”

Elliott Smith

He didn’t like himself



“He didn’t like himself. He was turning into a person that he would hate (…) I think he sort of lost the ability to fight to be the individual that he wanted to be. And I think he was just like, fuck it, just take me on the bus. He let go of something (…) And so he just would be around people that would make life easier than being the person he really wanted to be.”

E.V. Day

When we were on tour together in 2000


“When we were on tour together in 2000 and a couple of other times, he just broke down on me – I mean, everybody cries, but he was losing it really bad. It’d be six o’clock in the morning, we’d be drunk on the tour bus, and he’d just start crying his eyes out about the weirdest things. And I’ll be honest, every time I saw him after that tour, it got progressively worse. I think staying in L.A., he was doomed. I told him over and over to get the fuck out of there and go up to some small town in Oregon or something, but he never would.”

Steve Drozd