I think what’s difficult about knowing somebody

©Alyssa Siegel

“I think what’s difficult about knowing somebody that was so incredibly good at what they do is that you are burdened with the knowledge that there were a whole bunch of things they were not good at. It’s hard, then, to remain an obsessed fan. It’s hard because you can hear the voices of the people who were disappointed and hurt, who were hurt for very, very valid reasons. But I was an obsessed fan who got to take his pictures, who had to grapple with the reality of the real man, which was sometimes amazing and sometimes incredibly disappointing.

As a photographer, if you actually have longstanding relationships with artists, then you witness a lot. If they trust you, you get to see a lot of things that perhaps are not for everybody to know. You have to make that decision as a photographer. Should I show the human or the hero? Am I a photojournalist or am I a part of the mythmaking? It’s not so easy to decide. It’s hard to know how much you are supposed to say, though, because some doors need to be opened.”

Autumn de Wilde


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