A lot of the material on Figure 8

©Elliott Smith / BF / elliott smith gallery

“A lot of the material on Figure 8 came to me in a frenetic six-week burst of activity. The songs are written in a very straightforward way, and can be played on one guitar. So my thinking was, since they’re coherent structurally, why not have the sounds keep moving around? The idea that you have to stay within one area for a whole song seemed very limiting. The idea was to reinforce the songs, but also to take them out of their linear path. A lot of the times those things came from being spontaneous, just looking around and seeing what we had in the room. I’m a big fan of trying things. You know, swinging and missing. Nonmusical factors have contributed to this “unexpected” growth. After years of touring , I’ve taken some time off and made a concerted effort to maintain a three-dimensional life.”

Elliott Smith


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