It was recorded in one day

“It was recorded in one day at a house then shared by Janet Weiss and Sam Coomes. Our friend Moira was like, ‘Hey, I’m starting this little label, do you want to do a 45?’ And so we went to Sam and Janet’s house when they were still together, over there off of Hawthorne on 37th and there’s a little setup and we just did it in an afternoon. Elliott did all the engineering and I found all the weird noises. We both had these tunes and there’s a bunch of forks and knives and spoons hanging from a fishing line. It was an actual instrument they had in their recording studio and I was just like, ‘We should put that on there.’ And Elliott had these dumb masks: a bear mask and a weird bat mask. There’s black and white shots of us with guitars wearing these masks. We took the pictures outside of Janet’s basement. We laughed a lot – we both have the same sense of humor – it was just kind of this dumb sense of humor. He had that old Domino guitar.”

Pete Krebs


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