I’ve never been to mardi gras


“I’ve never been to mardi gras. I have a friend who lives there who says it can be kind of gross and I’m interested to see it, but I don’t have any real plans. Probably drink a lot of hurricanes or something.  I’m not going to be running around in the street telling people to take their clothes off or anything like that.”

Elliott Smith


One thought on “I’ve never been to mardi gras

  1. I’ve been to New Orleans many times and Mardi Gras twice. Mardi Gras is an amazing experience that everyone should try – but it is a tough thing to pull off – the whole world tends to shrink into a search for a public rest room. Actually, the main activities of Mardi Gras (especially the big parades) are outside of the French Quarter and are family friendly events.

    My recommendation for a visit to New Orleans is Halloween. It’s a lot less crowded, the weather is nice, and the crazies are all out.

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