This album was a lot harder to write than the other ones


“This album was a lot harder to write than the other ones. On the others, we were a working band, always writing songs and playing them on tour. For the new one we weren’t touring at all, rarely played together and didn’t write together. Obviously Heatmiser is not the zenith of everybody’s career in music; it’s not healthy and it hasn’t turned out to be the career that all of us set out to make it. I don’t know if we’ll make another record and I’m not sure if I want to. Continue reading

Tony was the original producer on Mic City Sons

©Andy Factor

“Tony was the original producer on Mic City Sons and the band’s drummer, and he could not keep the tension between Neil and Elliott out of the room. They were doing songs separately. It was like the last Beatles album or something, like they didn’t want to see each other. When they delivered the album, they pretty much delivered it with their resignation from Heatmiser. The tour was awful, nobody saw it, and that was the end.”

Andy Factor

Someone from Kill Rock Stars sent me Elliott Smith’s Either/Or

©Pat Graham

“Someone from Kill Rock Stars sent me Elliott Smith’s new album Either/Or right after it came out in 1997. I had been going through a hard time in Washington, D.C., and felt like I was losing my mind. I had never heard of Elliott before I listened to Either/Or. That album was the most beautiful thing I’d heard in a long time, and I became totally obsessed with it. I couldn’t stop playing it and thought, “Who is this nerdy guy who’s speaking directly to me and making me cry?” A few months later, I told my friend Dorien Garry, who I used to visit a lot up in New York, about my obsession, and she was like, “Oh, I’m friends with him. He just moved here. Come up and hang out with us.”  Continue reading

I was going to move to New York

©Dennis Kleiman

“I was going to move to New York, but now I’m not. This [ Portland] is where I’m from, and I’m going to stick with it. I probably will live in New York for a while, but I’m not dying to do it anymore. My problems won’t be any different in New York than they are here. I can’t pretend anymore like I could just be anybody. That was part of the attraction of moving to New York – that I could go there and be anybody. I’m through with that. I can’t just be anybody. There are things about me that would be present in New York, just the same as here.”

Elliott Smith (avril 1997)

Elliott loved jokes!


“Elliott loved jokes! We spent a lot of nights in bars, but a lot of that time in bars was spent telling jokes you were ashamed to laugh at. Elliott would sort of giggle and you knew something terrible was coming. Some terrible joke. He was really excited. The more excited he was, the more terrible the joke… Elliott was fucking hilarious, which is something I think that gets lost in the common recollection of him that is this melancholy character. And he was great at cheering other people up. Even if he was sometimes moping himself, if you were bummed out, he would just switch into “cheer-you-up” mode, and it was just delightful.”

Jenny Eliscu