Amity is a really unguarded song

©Timothy Donovan

Amity is a really unguarded song – I made up the lyrics in a couple of minutes and didn’t change them. I like the way it feels, although it’s not an especially deep song at all. It’s, I don’t know… just a big rock song. It’s a pretty simple song. It’s not so much about the words themselves, but more about how the whole thing sounds. Some friends of mine said it sounded like I was trying to get something romantic going with someone, and that’s not what it was supposed to be about. It was supposed to be, “you’re really fun to be with and I really like you a lot because of that, but I am really, really depressed” – but I don’t know if that came across. When I said, “ready to go,” it was supposed to mean tired of living. Sorry to make the song depressing for you now. Amity is a person I know. It was very simple. I was saying, “I really like you and it’s really great to hang out with someone who is happy and easy-going, but I don’t feel like that and I can’t be with you.”

Elliott Smith


2 thoughts on “Amity is a really unguarded song

  1. I appreciate this blog so much, it’s a beautiful counterbalance to the neurotic and negative writing about ES’s death that darkens the web. However I’d love more context around the quotes – dates, sources etc simply to contextualise the stories. Any idea where this interview came from? Thank you for writing.

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  2. thank you so much, James – i’m really happy that’s what you’re finding to like here, because that may be a good part of whatever i’m trying to do! about the context, a few reasons why i hardly ever make dates or sources available: first, i keep hoping if people want to know something more, they’ll actually engage with questions / reactions 🙂 (it can get a bit lonely, sometimes) – and second, i have a long history of getting robbed blind of all the work i’ve been doing researching quotes and pictures, so that’s a way of not making it any easier for sloppy people. now, since you’re asking, that “amity” quote comes from an interview in “the big takeover”, Pamela Chelin (1998)


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