The project was becoming more and more ‘tense’


“The project was becoming more and more ‘tense’ before Elliott’s death, some people described Jen and Elliott’s relationship as a kind of ‘Sid and Nancy’ situation, it certainly was getting very difficult for us and the rest of the band to work with the two of them.
It was tense, erratic, paranoid. Band on one side, Elliott on the other, her stuck in the middle. I’d get phone calls in the morning and phone calls in the evening and the mood would be completely different: ‘It’s the best thing we’ve ever done!’; ‘It’s a load of rubbish and under no circumstances must you play it to anybody.’
It was finally finished two or three months before he died. Then he kept remixing it. One of the girls in the band broke into his studio, took the tapes and sent them to me. Then it really went off. People started yelling. I was pretty much like, ‘Let’s just shelve it.’ Then he died. The worst thing that ever happened to Happy Ending was Elliott getting involved, to be honest.
The negative energy of the final months pretty much ended the Happy Ending project before Elliott finally took his life and I think we shall leave the Happy Ending recordings unreleased. There’s far too many negative things attached to the recordings and the sessions and the tangled personal relationships for us to ever go back there.”

Sean Worrall 

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