Please remember I’ve only been working with Elliott

“Please remember I’ve only been working with Elliott for a little while, so I’m still finding out some of the things you guys are asking about. There’s what I know… In November [2001], I was in L.A. and went to Elliott’s house – he played about eight tracks to [my wife] Jennifer and me. Some of the tracks had vocals, most of them were in a “full band” mode with him playing all of the instruments. There was one song that totally rocked that had Steven from the Lips and the drummer from Beachwood Sparks both playing drums at the same time. The tracks that didn’t have vocals, he sat next to me and sang the words – it was amazing! Continue reading

Something that people don’t know about Elliott

“Something that people don’t know about Elliott is he was loose all the time, always just cracking jokes. It’s the type of experience where you get to become really good friends with someone really quickly. We were playing at this place called Jabberjaw in Los Angeles, which was a small all-ages punk rock club, and the sound went out, and there was no light. And so they went out back to the backyard, which is this tiny little courtyard. Like 50 or 75 kids poured out into this courtyard. And Elliott just sat on a chair, and played an acoustic guitar completely unplugged with no amplification, and he was so gripping that all of those kids stayed dead silent for an hour listening to every song. This was well before he was famous. Most of the kids had come to see the other bands playing that day. Continue reading

On a sadder note…

©Steve Mirarchi

“On a sadder note…We’re all still bummed out about Elliott’s passing…I did what I could to put my emotions to some sort of positive direction, but there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him and miss him…. I had been missing him when he was my friend, but I thought that there would come a day when we could hang out again and let bygones be bygones… The day will never come now, but there are always new friends to be made and maybe the friendships will be made through Elliott’s music itself… And there’s still a whole new generation now that needs to know who he was and hear his incredible music… I’ll always (as I did in the very beginning) continue to do my best to make sure he doesn’t go unknown…
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