My name is Holly Williams

“My name is Holly Williams. Elliott Smith was my favorite musician/singer/songwriter of all time. I have all his albums and bootlegs and the Strange Parallel video. I have been devastated this week. I am a musician and he inspires me more than anyone. I am Hank Williams Jr’s daughter and Hank Williams Sr’s granddaughter. I have read interviews where Elliott talks about Hank Sr. and he’s wearing my dad’s t-shirt on the cover of XO. My grandfather had a very rough life and Elliott’s life reminded me alot of it. Hank Sr. had so many inner demons to struggle with and I always hoped and prayed that Elliott would be able to overcome those. His music will be influential for decades, it was honest and beautiful and intricate. His music changed my life. May he rest in the peace that he couldn’t seem to find here…”

Holly Williams (29 octobre 2003)

Tomorrow is my last day at Capitol

“I’ve been having quite a bad time for a while, cancelled the next week of recording due to my bad mood. Tomorrow is my last day at Capitol. I’m taking a break for a couple of weeks before finishing the record. I miss you.”

Elliott Smith (27 août 1999)