That’s actually how Elliott and I became friends

©Heather Conley

“That’s actually how Elliott and I became friends, because we were both hired by this crazy Lithuanian building contractor who kind of knew people who knew people who were musicians. So I really got to know Elliott for a few months when we worked on this warehouse, in what is now the Pearl District.
Our first job was standing on a big scaffolding and doing like drywall, like hanging, mudding, taping and painting drywall. And later I tried to start a little business. I thought, ‘well fuck man, we can make a lot of money doing drywall work and be lazy musicians, and just like go do this, like big jobs and make a lot of money out of it.’ The two of us were like the world’s most unlikely drywall team. We actually got jobs, we got like three or four jobs and bid ‘em, and ended up making probably the same amount of money and working really hard, and we ruined Elliott’s Ford Tempo that we used to drive around, we ruined the suspension on that from driving over these pot holes to work on this houseboat in Ridgefield, Washington in the middle of winter with one of those like jet-engine propane tank heaters, you know where the flames come out? So there we are, on the water and it’s really cold out in winter and we’ve got this propane bomb sucking in all this shitty warmth, trying to do plaster work on a houseboat that’s moving like this. And we finished this job up, and I think this was the year that they had the big floods? Or at least it flooded in Ridgefield, and in the storm this particular houseboat broke into pieces and floated down the river.”

Pete Krebs

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