There’s some stuff that seems to have to be done


“There’s some stuff that seems to have to be done in order to be really popular that’s kind of distasteful. But I’m trying to make interesting music if I can. I didn’t start doing it so that I could strut around and be some sort of celebrity or anything. I feel lucky. I hope that things go well, but that’s not the bottom line.To me that’s something closer to fate than something I can control. I mean, it is my livelihood right now, but I was doing it before it was my livelihood. And if it can’t be my livelihood, then I’ll keep doing it when it’s not my livelihood.”

Elliott Smith

My introduction to Elliott was one of the saddest moments of my life

“I’m getting over bronchitis. I was about to go to work for the first time in 5 days when I heard the news. Luckily, I was sitting down. Was it a surprise? Not really. He’d looked like death for years, sang the saddest songs ever and canceling shows because of “health reasons” didn’t leave much to the imagination anymore. It’d been going on for so many years and he’d been so out of the spotlight, I’d almost forgotten about him. Almost begun not to care. Kurt Cobain had NOTHING on Elliott when it came to how obvious it was that he didn’t want to be a big rockstar and how hard a time he was dealing with it. “Everybody wants me to ride into the sun but I ain’t gonna go down.” Continue reading

J’ai beaucoup d’émotion par rapport à Elliott Smith

« J’ai beaucoup d’émotion par rapport à Elliott Smith. Quand on écoute ses chansons, on se dit qu’il avait tout compris au niveau des mélodies. Il avait une voix particulière qui touchait, des compositions, des textes très forts. Ce soir-là, on avait les Smashing Pumpkins qui jouaient dans le parc. Elliott Smith jouait quant à lui en fin de soirée à l’Orangerie, et je me rappelle avoir dû moi-même rameuter le public pour qu’il vienne le voir. Continue reading

Right next to Max Fish

“Right next to Max Fish was this gallery called Alleged Gallery.  One night you’d meet Jim Thirlwell and the next night you’d meet Chan Marshall or Elliott Smith. Elliott was around all the time. What a sweetheart. I didn’t know him that well, but the few times we did hang out really had an impact on me. Every time was just trying to talk him out of committing suicide. He’d be like, “Give me reasons.” And I guess you were supposed to bring up the Beatles.”

Stewart Lupton (1975-2018)