He wrote the song when I was visiting him in Portland

©Kristin Angelique

“He wrote the song when I was visiting him in Portland around 96?
He played it for me just after he wrote it, but told me he didn’t like it. He had just gotten a brand new Manley mic though, and wanted to “test it out”. I told him I actually loved the new song, and I started playing around with it, and when we went into the little Heatmiser house studio, we messed around with it, and the next thing you know, it had been recorded. Elliott played everything on the version I did with him (bass, drums, guitar, etc), and he did an amazing job! The song was SO new, and I hardly knew it yet, but it just flowed so beautifully. I never really knew what or who the song was about…

But in a way, I think it’s about the music industry at the time. He kept getting passed on by record companies. They seemed to not “get” him. But Gus surely did, and when you’re up for an Oscar, things change. What a great song, and such an honor to have been given that amazing gift of Elliott sharing it with me. He also once gave me “Miss Misery” when it was new. He wanted me to tweek it. It had entirely different lyrics, and was a little different musically. I never touched it – and now, SO glad I didn’t. Anyway….It was such a thrill to hear HIS version of this song. He warmed to it in the later years of the frequent live requests he’d get to play it. And ffs, sounds nothing like the Eagles.🙂 And, if it did, would that really be such a bad thing?”

Mary Lou Lord

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