About the Spin article

©Sam Coomes

“About the Spin article… I can’t comment on how accurate it is, or what I’d say differently, although I’d like to. All I can say is that, regardless of how true or untrue some of the people interviewed and some of the stuff the author wrote is, Elliott’s biggest wish was not to hurt his mom. We all know that he had some rough times. Really rough times. And nobody can change that, nobody can fix it, and for that matter, nobody at this point may ever know the full truth.

All anyone can ever do is apologize and change. And those things have both happened, I can testify to that. Elliott didn’t even know exactly what the truth was. We talked about it at length SO many times. So I can’t confirm or deny anything. I can say that this article has hurt my mom more than almost anything. Aside from losing Elliott, that is. Even though she may say she’s okay, and she’ll get through it, it has really hurt her. Liam’s wish to honor Elliott has, in my opinion, simply gone against his biggest wish, not to hurt his mom. And for that I am so sad.

That’s it, y’all. I hope that all this negativity floating around can someday slow down. Elliott was an amazing guy, and through it all persevered and made beautiful music that has touched the entire world and made it a better place. Did his pain aid him in that? If it did, am I glad? No. I’d rather have my big brother back and none of his music, honestly. But having his music is a big comfort, and we can’t lose sight of what a truly special person he was. Throwing blame and suing people and saying in magazines that they know what’s best isn’t doing any good. We’ve all got the right to do those things, but I hope that you do understand that we’re trying. I’m trying. Harder than I’ve ever tried. And keep in mind, we’ve raised a LOT of money to help abused kids right now. I’d still rather have Elliott, but there are some positive things happening.

Thanks for reading, and please, try to keep in mind that things aren’t always as they seem in an article or in one person’s mind. There are so many perspectives, many of which haven’t been heard, and I honestly believe that intentions are good, in all of us. We all love my brother, and for that we should find strength in. Take care, everyone.”

Ashley Welch (2004)


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