Slim Moon who started Kill Rock Stars

portia sabin jason quigley
©Jason Quigley

“Slim Moon, who started the label, was documenting the Riot grrrl scene in Olympia, Washington, in the 1990s. He put out Bikini Kill’s record and records from Bratmobile and Huggy Bear. Before you know, it was a hotbed of what became the Riot grrrl scene. Not too many years later he discovered singer-songwriter Elliott Smith and put out his first record to very little acclaim, because in those days putting out a record in your own name was a death knell. In 1997, Slim put out Elliott’s second record, “Either/Or.” Elliott got invited to put some music on the Good Will Hunting soundtrack.

The story Slim tells is that he had overextended himself, had too many employees, couldn’t make payroll and he was on the verge of laying everyone off. Then Elliott got nominated for an Academy Award for “Miss Misery,” which was in Good Will Hunting, and it turned everything around. He didn’t have to lay everyone off, and he got to keep putting out records.”

Portia Sabin



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