calls, calls, calls… like rain


calls, calls, calls… like rain
like bullets, like bricks thrown
to burst our little bubble of time
you couldn’t dodge them all
but you finally snapped “no more phone calls”
and switched that thing off
we saw rufus that night – rufus!

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There was just one conversation during which all of these matters were discussed


1. Petitioner Marta Greenwald is the administrator of the estate of Elliott Smith. The estate is being administered in a probate action that is pending in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Prior to his death on October 21, 2003, Smith resided in Los Angeles, California. Smith was a well-known composer, singer and musical recording artist.
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Elliott had no romantic relationship with Jennifer


“Elliott had no romantic relationship with Jennifer for a number of months after he split with Valerie and moved into Jennifer’s home.  He had alienated or cut himself off from everyone close to him, so he was vulnerable in a way he hadn’t been before.  I do not believe he ever would have become involved with Jennifer were that not the case.”



Lots of, well, lots of people who heard “Needle In the Hay”


“Lots of, well, lots of people who heard “Needle In the Hay” thought it was about drugs, which was sort of the vehicle, but it wasn’t supposed to be about that in particular. People were like, “Oh that second record is all about drugs! It’s like, no, it’s not. It’s about the same things that people write about all the time, you know – they write about their dependence on things: another person or a situation or drugs or even a city. Sometimes they’re happy songs because it’s going good, sometimes they’re upsetting songs because they don’t wanna be dependent on whatever it is.”

Elliott Smith