I flew into Boston

©Alicia J. Rose

“I flew into Boston to meet the rest of The Brigade last Wed evening. I have to admit that I was in a bit of a haze as when I landed I found out that Elliott Smith had passed on from this life to the next, so much that I loaded my gear in from the cab to the club next door. I know his music affected all the players in this cast, and our condolences went out to all in attendance in Cambridge during Colin’s solo renditions of The Decemberists “Clementine”, which floated easily into Mr. Smith’s “Clementine”. We all will miss his contributions to this art form. Moving on….”

Chris Funk

It’s so tragic


“It’s so tragic. He’s from Portland, Oregon and I met him a few times and he was a really friendly guy and really nice. Every time I’ve seen him I had nothing bad to say about him, but I don’t know him that well. It was more of a general greeting. It was almost sort of my friends that knew him very well and how it went really wrong down there in Los Angeles. So everybody’s really gutted about it up in Portland because some of his true good friends are from Heatmiser and stuff. I don’t know him that well, so it was just a general thing for me. That’s sad. We really didn’t see the full brunt of it because we were on tour. We didn’t see much in Europe because we didn’t read the papers or search the internet.”

Stephen Malkmus

The first thing that happened

©Timothy Greenfield Sanders

“The first thing that happened when I moved to Portland was that I got assigned a locker partner who was supposed to shepherd me around this new place and be my pal or whatever and he stole my Walkman, like, the second day. It was weird. There were no fights but there were mass cliques and just weird attitude, you know, a very ’80s, Breakfast Club kind of situation, which I couldn’t relate to at all.”

Elliott Smith

He was my best friend


“He was my best friend. He was the last person who called me his best friend who I did not sleep with. When you are MY age, it matters. I was trying to ignore the anniversary. But it’s on my calendar. I remember the day like it was yesterday. It was Wednesday morning when I got the call from my friend Rachel who didn’t want me to find out in the trades or from some stupid news bit. I recall not reacting at first. It took a few days. Now I cry for him. Not as often as before. But I still cry. Today was not a good day. Continue reading

At any time only a couple things are really cool to do

the99 (1)

“At any time only a couple things are really cool to do, or are popular to do. Everything else is a big gray area, that verges on a black area for most people. That’s the most interesting place to be for me. There’s no bad tricks in music. For example, the Eagles may have trashed certain melodic types of things, but that doesn’t mean those things are ruined. It means you have to take it back from the Eagles and do it right. No thing is unworthy by its nature. People aren’t, and anything creative couldn’t be that way. It’s only discredited by association to somebody, or some band, or some movement that people can’t relate to.”

Elliott Smith