Would you remember

would you remember the velvet ghosts ? you shared a birthday with warhol, i shared a birthday with nico
and lou reed was alive and always there somehow, walking with us like a shadow we could not shake
we lost count of the times his quirky songs followed us wherever we went

you laughed when you realized the only book i had with me was johnson’s “jesus’ son”, basquiat on the cover for insistence’s sake
you laughed that time “vicious” started to play just as i was grazing your cheek with the daily rose
“hey – who is alive? – oh, lou reed is alive!”
and maybe stolid lou reed would have been surprised to cause such mirth!
but sometimes in such moments, i would freeze thinking
what will i do with all this world, these songs, these words and your laughter
what will i do when all these songs, these worlds and your laughter, once lost – get infected? what will they come to mean? how many traps ahead?




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