and the quiet madness of who we were that spring


“and the quiet madness of who we were that spring
exposed and frail, caught unawares
“more and again”. we could keep that promise.
ten years. one week. days all the same. time, changing us.
what else could i give you? i called and told you that, and you whispered “thank you”,
like you had done before, like you would do again
for all we left unsaid never stopped haunting you
these ten years like some sacred insult
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‘Suicide Machine’ was originally recorded for Figure 8

with joe ranieri

“‘Suicide Machine’ was originally recorded for Figure 8, but in light of everything, I just thought it would have taken the focus off the music. I was uncomfortable with that. There is already enough in the lyrics to make the thing sound like a suicide note; that would have put it over the top. Look, I think it sucks to be Monday-morning-quarterbacking the outcome.”

Rob Schnapf

I played for a long time to 20 people in a bar


“I played for a long time to 20 people in a bar with a guy playing darts in the back… and I got used to a kind of conflictual situation with the audience, where it was like, ‘You don’t think you like this kind of music, but I’m gonna play it whether you like it or not.’ I was a weird anomaly because, you know, people just drove there in their cars listening to Nirvana and Mudhoney, and then they get there, Continue reading

I was visiting from St. Louis


“I may be the guy Erik is talking about, here. I was visiting from St. Louis at the time, at the show with some cousins. Hyped him up all trip, and was bummed out by the show. I didn’t know he’d been having problems. The tarp on the chainlink backstage fence hung low in one area and we managed to get the attention of Erik and/or Elliott’s girlfriend at the time. Continue reading

The talent show was in a big church


“The talent show was in a big church filled with people and there were all these different acts, and one of them was a tap dancer, tap-dancing to ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’ all dressed in red, white and blue. And Elliott played ‘Blackbird’ and I was stunned, and I thought maybe it was just me, but after he finished playing there was a hush, and then this warm applause filled the hall. It was the first time I knew, whoa, this is where he’s going. The end of the story is, they chose somebody to go on a national talent show, and the person they chose was the tap dancer, tap-dancing to ‘Yankee Doodle Dandy’.”

Gary Smith