I worked with him on From a Basement on the Hill


“I worked with him on From a Basement on the Hill, befriended him, and helped him put together the pieces of the torment he carried with him in his jigsaw puzzle of a heart in order to transmute it into peaceful wholeness (…) Because I knew Elliott as I did, my account is a personal one, not a musicological or psychological one, and I vividly remember the first time I met him. Continue reading

I got introduced to Elliott

“I got introduced to Elliott via Mary Lou Lord during an interview with her. She asked me if I was coming to her show at Mercury Lounge that night and when I said I was she said “ you have to check out the opening act, Elliott Smith. He’s a cross between Kurt Cobain and Lou Barlow. I should be opening for him!” Continue reading

I thought I was a punk rocker


“I thought I was a punk rocker, but it was the Dallas version. Which was totally stupid and bogus. I thought I was a punk rocker because I had spiked hair and I wore plastic pants and there was like one guy who had a skateboard and then me and this other guy were his friends, so we thought we were punk. When I got to Portland, the punks there just thought I was a bunch of bullshit.”

Elliott Smith

I mean, with Elliott, he’s…


Q:”Elliott has said his long hair is more of a statement against short, dyed-haired ‘winners.’

A: Yeah, I don’t really know.. I mean, with Elliott, he’s.. They take a lot of pictures of him, & he does interviews, so he’s all very concious of that kind of stuff… with me, uh, you know, I just treat my hair the same way I’ve always treated it…”

Sam Coomes