from the first night to the last

from the first night to the last, your language was the rose
the red one, real and insane, foreign to me, soon familiar
in Paris you’d wait for the Indian man wandering into the bar
with his armful of colors
you went for red no matter what
later you bemoaned the roseless New York dives
though it never stopped you 
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It’s interesting that you mentioned Elliott Smith

sun kil moon austin

“It’s interesting that you mentioned Elliott Smith as I’m in the city right now where I very last saw him – Stockholm. It was July 5, 2000. We did a short tour together over here and the last time we spoke was on July 4 in Göteborg. Honestly, Elliott looked very stressed out, there in the food court of the Accelerator Festival in Stockholm. I ran off with some friends and didn’t bother to say goodbye to him. Continue reading

My first L.A. gig


“My first LA gig was me solo with a guitar at a little bar called Goldfingers, I was opening for a band called The Warlocks and the show was booked by Joel Gion of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, this was early 2000’s and the only person who came to see me was this incredible songwriter called Elliott Smith. I met him at a bar and we became friends and he showed up to my first gig.
He was seeing like four girls when I met him. Jen, some blond girl, some girl Michelle and then he went to Valerie.”
Dexy Valentine

Sunday mornings when you know


“Sunday mornings when you know you should get up and get dressed. Do all the things on your to do list. But all you wanna do is stay in bed. Obsess about what coulda been. Put on all those songs that remind you of him. His presence is unwanted and you are feeling haunted. By eyes that no longer exist. You pound on your head with closed fists. Until you fall back asleep. And find respite in your dreams.”


We would just be sitting around the studio


“We would just be sitting around the studio laughing when we weren’t recording … then we’d go have drinks and we’d laugh and laugh. If he was here, he’d be making jokes and laughing. I mean, he used to run around playing the guitar and singing ‘Autumn Almanac’ by the Kinks: ‘Yes, yes yes, it’s my autumn alman-yack!’ And he did the ‘yack’ part really exaggerated and he thought it was hilarious. I think that’s really indicative of … a very rounded person delivering the lyrics and the music and the art. I mean I think of people like John Lennon, you can think of humor in his songs, you can think of just love in his songs, you can think of all these different feelings, and there’s a wider scope of humanity than represented just like, you know, ‘Baby, I love you, let’s dance.’ And I think Elliott had that. You feel that it’s not just one narrow view of life.”

Larry Crane

Elliott Smith and I had just embarked on a little tour

I guess it was 1997 [1995]  and Elliott Smith and I had just embarked on a little tour. He was my opener and nobody knew who he was yet because he didn’t have any records out yet, but he was like my little buddy and I loved him loved him loved him, and totally believed in him, loved him. Anyway Slim sent in a proposal for me to play or whatever and it got rejected. and I was like, “Well fuck that, I’ve got the amp in the back, let’s just go. Who do they think they are? They don’t know! We’re awesome!” So we were on tour anyway, so we drove to Texas. Continue reading

Nothing can come close to comparing with that experience

eleanor jane
©Eleanor Jane

“Nothing can come close to comparing with that experience. I first reached out to him when I heard his first seven-inch. He wasn’t interested in a record deal at the time, he was in this group called Heatmiser, but he was super-polite and he was genuinely humbled that someone from a major label would call him. He pressed like 500 of a seven-inch and he was like, ‘I can’t believe a major label is calling me about my stupid seven-inch, that’s just ridiculous!’

But three years later, his career progressed and we reached out to him again and signed him to DreamWorks, and made XO and made Figure 8. And about two thirds of the demos for Figure 8 he did at my old house in Silver Lake. So he would be recording all day by himself and I would come home at night and sit with him and hear them. Continue reading