“People think they know all these things about other people, and if you ask them why they think they know that, it’d be hard for them to be convincing!”


All over the place since the spring of 2008… It started as a way to vicariously voice some things back when sweetaddy would still send any “controversy” to “hell”. I reckoned at the time that it would be much harder to dismiss feelings or opinions expressed by friends, family, or fellow musicians (as opposed to “rabid fans” having “lost their Virgil”, you know…) so that’s how it was born, and exposing subjective feelings and objective facts without being censored was really the original purpose of that “thread”*, even though it was never just about that. But it’s still here, and we’re still there… Elliott’s story has turned more and more unbalanced over the years – just take a look at his wikipedia page. A biased pick of quotes, if there ever was one…






not public yet :


thank you realexkav for keeping it alive when sweetaddy died and thank you everyone who contributed back when this was still a “thread”* on a “message board”. And get lost, fiends4es trolls on instagram. You may grab everything you never found, you’ll never get it.