In Junior High, I joined the school band

©Steve Pickering – Kevin Denbow, Elliott, Mark Merritt, Steve Pickering

“In Junior High, I joined the school band where I learned to play the trombone but the guitar was still my so-called passion. I met up with some friends who had similar addictions and we began getting together for youthful jam sessions with the notion that we would all become future rock stars. It should be noted that it was during this time (puberty, mind you) that I realized that some chicks were kinda into guys who played guitar. This was a somewhat unexpected yet welcome event, albeit one that did not help my social status one iota. My friends Steve Smith and Steven Pickering, my best buds at the time, started opening up my musical mind to other types of music, particularly, rock. Continue reading


I made the point that we really would like to see the case closed


“I made the point that we really would like to see the case closed – and probably not even as much as he would – but we are not angling for one resolution over the other : if it was suicide/ homicide/ manslaughter, if a determination could ultimately be made we would be satisfied.  He agreed.
I mentioned that we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the conflicting hearsay, even from the witness herself. And that we would like to see a more realistic portrayal of E, as complicated as he was. Continue reading

Elliott Smith only ever made me uncomfortable once

©Joshua Wildman

Elliott Smith only ever made me uncomfortable once. It was in 1998, and we were sitting in a small group over coffee at the Pink Pony on Ludlow Street. In the way that coffee-shop conversations inevitably do, this one evolved into a roundtable dynamic: we began trading childhood war stories. Where are you from? was the first question. What was that like? was the next.

“I grew up in Texas,” Elliott answered.

And what was that like?

His expression turned blank, his body tense. “I don’t wanna talk about that today.” Continue reading

I loved Elliott Smith


“I loved Elliott Smith. He was difficult, and he was depressive, but he was also hilarious, according to people who knew him, and you can see/hear it in interviews. I met him on my birthday, February 20, 2000, in Washington DC, after a gig at the Black Cat. It was an intimate show, a very warm crowd. He was straight, and nervous. He made lots of jokey comments and asides, and interacted with us.
Afterward, he just sort of hovered, shuffled from foot to foot, and looked awkward. I went up to the stage, which was pretty low anyway, to see how he was doing. He sat down on the side of the stage. Continue reading

Going to the Oscars was like…

©Dana Lixenberg

“Going to the Oscars was like… it was an awards show. It has no meaning of its own. As I was sitting there, I was like: ‘Wow, this is a weird scene. Is this anybody’s scene?’ I like watching award shows, kind of like I like watching ‘South Park’. It’s something to look at on a given night, but it’s insane to think about so-and-so winning something and being considered better than someone else.”

Elliott Smith