Elliott had actually done a recording of ‘Hey Jude’

TGS (thanks Jeff Cohen!)
©Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

“Elliott had actually done a recording of ‘Hey Jude’ just a few years back, for none other than “The Royal Tennebaums”. His experience had been embittering. ‘They paid the absolute minimum they could get away with and didn’t even use the recording, after I had gone through a lot of trouble to put the session together, especially for the “nah nah nah” chorus at the end!’, Elliott said, and he was absolutely mortified about the use of “Needle in the Hay” from his self-titled album, during the scene in which Richie Tennenbaum attempts to commit suicide.”That’s the last thing I’d ever want that song to be associated with!” he lamented.”

Andrew Morgan

He told me he didn’t need heroin anymore


“He told me he didn’t need heroin anymore. I was there in the transition period between the well-documented problems that were going on and during his rehabilitation at the institute. Paranoia? For sure. But it wasn’t constant. Granted, I wasn’t with him 24-7, and I was in no position to interrogate him, but what I’ll say in general is things were really fucking bad prior to the rehabilitation institute, when he was moving out of the Snow White castle, or whatever you want to call it. Then – into the institute and then over to Jen’s – dramatic changes. Russ Pollard would be like, ‘I can’t believe it. I haven’t seen Elliott looking this good in so long.’ He was a new person, and he was groggy and irritable and, yeah, paranoid, but then he was funny and warm and vital… still frail from the treatment, which was very radical. It was a rebirth – it was all about reclaiming his greatness and his identity and everything. Yeah, obviously he was still suffering some problems but he was doing better and everyone was taking note.”

Andrew Morgan