About the Spin article

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“About the Spin article… I can’t comment on how accurate it is, or what I’d say differently, although I’d like to. All I can say is that, regardless of how true or untrue some of the people interviewed and some of the stuff the author wrote is, Elliott’s biggest wish was not to hurt his mom. We all know that he had some rough times. Really rough times. And nobody can change that, nobody can fix it, and for that matter, nobody at this point may ever know the full truth. Continue reading

It’s upsetting just to know that he’s gone


“It’s upsetting just to know that he’s gone. I don’t like thinking about what happened that day – it was the worst day of my life. I wish for his parents that they had a bit more clarity about what exactly happened. But as far as me wanting to go to the bottom of it, that’s not the case. He’s gone and nothing is gonna bring him back. And I don’t think anybody wanted him to go. So whatever happened, I don’t think it was something planned. I think it was an accident.”

Ashley Welch

Why were certain songs chosen over others?


“Why were certain songs chosen over others?
Well, it’s true, there weren’t just 15 “finished” songs. If there were, it’d be an easy decision, and one nobody would be questioning. There were more than 15, (as for the exact number, I honestly don’t know, but not too many more,) but because the double-record idea was out, (due to contractual problems as well as agreed number of “ready” songs,) we had to narrow it down. Elliott has always had to narrow it down. There have been some AMAZING songs that, in my opinion, should have been on some of his other records, or comprised more records, but that he shelved, for one reason or another. Come on, how many of you out there wished that Cecilia/Amanda had made it, or Place Pigalle, or I Don’t Think I’m Ever Gonna Figure it Out, or Brand New Game, or Angel in the Snow, or the COUNTLESS amazing songs he had but never put on a proper record had made it? He shelved (or flat out never fully recorded,) tons of beautiful songs. The same is unfortunately the case for this record. There are a number of amazing, beautiful songs that if ANYBODY heard them they would say they belong on there, and I agree, but we couldn’t release a gazillion songs. It was impossible. We had to make some choices. CDs are only so long. And those choices were really hard. Does the track listing reflect MY OWN personal opinion? Partially. Are there songs that I too think are missing? Sure. Of course. It’s not up to one of us, it was up to his whole family, tempered by what the labels could swing. Are there songs that other members of the family wanted on there but that got nixed for one reason or another? Yes.’ Continue reading