I met people I liked in college

bunny 2013
©Daniel Cavazos

“I met people I liked in college, but no songs come from there. They come more from moving out of my mom’s family than anything else. There are three types of songs in my catalog. “Needle in the Hay” was the “Fuck you” me. It was more of a “fuck you song” than it was even a heroin song. Then there’s the “I’m going to insist that things can work out, and I’ll never stop insisting they can work out.” And then, there’s the part of me that tries to chronicle other people’s lives, especially my mom’s.”

Elliott Smith

His lyrics were always sort of cryptic to me


“His lyrics were always sort of cryptic to me. I knew there were songs about drug addiction, and I knew because of his attitude that he had suffered from depression.
He was happy that ‘Good Will Hunting’ was a popular movie and thought it was odd for him and me to be associated with it. It was one of the times that his mom could say, ‘This is what my son does,’ because his music wasn’t the sort of thing she would listen to. So he was really happy to be part of something mainstream because of his mom.”

Gus Van Sant