He got caught up in a bunch of different dilemmas


“He got caught up in a bunch of different dilemmas. One was his past. One was his career. And the other was his addiction. Different places symbolize different things to Elliott. I think that the addict always knows where home is and always knows where clean is, but the addict doesn’t always want to go home.”

Chris Cooper

I remember sitting in Christopher Cooper’s Volkswagen bus


“I remember sitting in Christopher Cooper’s Volkswagen bus listening to a demo cassette that Elliott’s girlfriend/manager had given us without him knowing it and it was Roman Candle in a different order than you know it today. And having it get to the end, we just played it again and thought ‘This sound quality is not very good, but these are amazing songs. This is strange because that’s Elliott and he’s usually swallowing the microphone at a Heatmiser show going nuts.’ We just thought “God, we probably need to figure out how we can do something with this. Maybe he can re-record these songs?”

Denny Swofford

I talked him out of thinking that he wanted to kill himself


“I talked him out of thinking that he wanted to kill himself numerous times when he was in Portland. I kept telling him that he was a brilliant man, and that life was worth living, and that people loved him. He was never comfortable with his fame or with people appreciating what he did. Even when he was on television in front of a billion people at the Oscars, you could almost hear him shaking.”

Chris Cooper