I was around him a lot before he got fancy


One thing I found out today when I was scouring the internet on you, all of a sudden there you are in Andy Warhol’s Interview magazine…quite a glamorous shoot too…

Oh yeah, I have been in there twice. I had a publicist, named Felice Ecker and they worked for Girlie Action. They are awesome. They would find little things like that for me to do. At the time the roster was me, Napster, Elliott Smith, Ben Folds Five, and it was an insane roster. I did end up doing a tour with Elliott Smith in my days when I was putting stuff out on Damon Records and that was really cool too. I was around him a lot before he got fancy and famous. We were touring buddies.

Q: Is there a particular song that you listen to and think, “Wow!  I would love to create a song that beautiful!”
A: “Yeah, “Grandma’s Hands,” by Bill Withers. “Halleluiah,” that was written by Leonard Cohen that Jeff Buckley covered.  Elliott Smith, he’s got so many perfect ones.  Anything off of Elliot Smith’s Figure 8 is pretty much perfect.”

Danielle Howle