I was just a big fan of his ever since he put out his first record


“I was just a big fan of his ever since he put out his first record on Cavity Search, Roman Candle – a big record for me. Before I started Suicide Squeeze, I would go and see him play. I remember going to lots of shows around here, any that I could that he was playing, I saw him with my wife, back when he played to 20, 25 people or something like that. When I started Suicide Squeeze, I definitely kind of had a wish list artists. I didn’t know him at the time. We had mutual friends, I actually was around him. I guess it was the first west coast tour that 764-HERO did, they had some shows on their own but they also then met up with the Spinanes and hooked up with them for some shows; at the time, the Spinanes had expanded from a duo into a quartet and the bass player was Elliott’s girlfriend and so he had been around shows (…) and I would obviously have conversations with him but they weren’t like in depth at all, just like “how are you doing today?” kind of conversations and that’s about it – and funnily enough, I was such a fan of his that I was having a difficult time asking him, I was scared! It was so nerve-racking! Honestly, the way that it ended up working out was Polly, my wife, she was like ‘I’ll just ask him if you’re so nervous about it!’ – and she did, and he’s like “Yeah, i’d love to” and so that’s how the Division Day 7-inch came about, it was 1996, 1997. That was obviously a really nice time. We’ve sold and continue to sell tons of these singles. But just the fact that we were able to do this, it was so exciting to me, regardless of any of that stuff. He’s just such an important artist in my life that it’s a honor to be able to release his music, even in such a limited capacity.”

David Dickenson