I made up bad little songs


“I made up like, bad little songs with no words since i was like 12…you know…and went from there. The first chord I learned on guitar was probably G. The Lord’s Key. That’s what they call G, cause so many hymns are in G.”

Elliott Smith


Pictures of Me was more about seeing people on movies


Pictures of Me was more about seeing people on movies and TV do really shitty things… Somebody can do something good or bad and, of course, you can too. So it’s just about it being a drag to be reminded constantly what assholes people can be to each other. It didn’t come off sounding like that I guess. It sounds like I’m tired of having my picture taken.”

Elliott Smith

I was going to move to New York

©Dennis Kleiman

“I was going to move to New York, but now I’m not. This [ Portland] is where I’m from, and I’m going to stick with it. I probably will live in New York for a while, but I’m not dying to do it anymore. My problems won’t be any different in New York than they are here. I can’t pretend anymore like I could just be anybody. That was part of the attraction of moving to New York – that I could go there and be anybody. I’m through with that. I can’t just be anybody. There are things about me that would be present in New York, just the same as here.”

Elliott Smith (avril 1997)

Mary Lou Lord described you as sensitive, vulnerable and said you aroused maternal feelings in her


Mary Lou Lord described you as sensitive, vulnerable and said you aroused maternal feelings in her. 
Mary is nice. Maybe she thinks I’m vulnerable. She knew Kurt Cobain, and we met right after his death. I think that ever since we got to know each other, she tried to transfer the feelings she had for him onto me. But “vulnerable”… that actually fits Cobain better than me. 

I didn’t like Hampshire College at all

tony lash
©Tony Lash

“I didn’t like Hampshire College at all, but I did like the professor I had that was the main guy. I graduated from there. It was a place with no grades and no majors. It was like make your own program, and it was pretty hippie in a good way. But the people going to school there were a real problem to me. I didn’t like it. I moved off campus as soon as I could, second year. So, I tried not to really get caught up in all the crap going on with people coming out of high school who are like, “I wasn’t cool in high school, so now I’m gonna be really cool.” Continue reading

Some years ago, when a couple of friends were turning 30


“Some years ago, when a couple of friends ‘ were turning 30 and were all bummed out, I was like, who cares? It’s like nobody cares but them. But then, it happened to me a little bit, too. A few months before my birthday, it started to be on my mind. Then, two months before, it started to be a drag. Up until the last moment it seemed like, well, maybe I’ll get hit by a truck and I won’t have to turn 30. Then it happened and it didn’t bother me anymore.”

Elliott Smith