I didn’t talk to very many labels

©Renaud Monfourny

“I didn’t talk to very many labels because I liked Lenny. We have similar tastes in music, including Randy Newman. I just liked everyone there. Lenny actually talks about music as opposed to the rest of the world who talk about the stuff that has to do with it. He likes songs and I like songs.”

Elliott Smith



I used to like hip hop a long time ago


“I used to like hip hop a long time ago before gangsta rap took over. Now that’s kind of gone also, I guess. But I’m 31, you know. I can’t keep up with what kids are into. I don’t have to anymore because now I’m in my 30s. There’s kind of an advantage to that”

Elliott Smith

People always make money by screwing somebody else

©Phil Knott
“I mean, in this country, people always make money by screwing somebody else. I don’t know how much difference it makes whether I’m playing music or doing construction work like I used to. Someone always gets paid too much, and someone else doesn’t get paid enough. Sometimes I’m the one getting paid too much, and sometimes I’m not.”

Elliott Smith


I thought I was a punk rocker


“I thought I was a punk rocker, but it was the Dallas version. Which was totally stupid and bogus. I thought I was a punk rocker because I had spiked hair and I wore plastic pants and there was like one guy who had a skateboard and then me and this other guy were his friends, so we thought we were punk. When I got to Portland, the punks there just thought I was a bunch of bullshit.”

Elliott Smith

I played for a long time to 20 people in a bar


“I played for a long time to 20 people in a bar with a guy playing darts in the back… and I got used to a kind of conflictual situation with the audience, where it was like, ‘You don’t think you like this kind of music, but I’m gonna play it whether you like it or not.’ I was a weird anomaly because, you know, people just drove there in their cars listening to Nirvana and Mudhoney, and then they get there, Continue reading

The first thing that happened

©Timothy Greenfield Sanders

“The first thing that happened when I moved to Portland was that I got assigned a locker partner who was supposed to shepherd me around this new place and be my pal or whatever and he stole my Walkman, like, the second day. It was weird. There were no fights but there were mass cliques and just weird attitude, you know, a very ’80s, Breakfast Club kind of situation, which I couldn’t relate to at all.”

Elliott Smith

At any time only a couple things are really cool to do

the99 (1)

“At any time only a couple things are really cool to do, or are popular to do. Everything else is a big gray area, that verges on a black area for most people. That’s the most interesting place to be for me. There’s no bad tricks in music. For example, the Eagles may have trashed certain melodic types of things, but that doesn’t mean those things are ruined. It means you have to take it back from the Eagles and do it right. No thing is unworthy by its nature. People aren’t, and anything creative couldn’t be that way. It’s only discredited by association to somebody, or some band, or some movement that people can’t relate to.”

Elliott Smith

I have big defenses against receiving a compliment

©Charlie Gross

“I have big defenses against receiving a compliment and actually carrying it around with me. I mean, compliments are nice, but I don’t think it’s any accident that there’s so many people who have a hard time accepting them, even though they know that they’re nice. It’s like you don’t want to let in the little bomb that might go off later when it’s retracted. I’ve been really lucky in the last few years. I don’t expect it to always be like that. And I know what it’s like to not be like that…”

Elliott Smith