It’s interesting that you mentioned Elliott Smith

sun kil moon austin

“It’s interesting that you mentioned Elliott Smith as I’m in the city right now where I very last saw him – Stockholm. It was July 5, 2000. We did a short tour together over here and the last time we spoke was on July 4 in Göteborg. Honestly, Elliott looked very stressed out, there in the food court of the Accelerator Festival in Stockholm. I ran off with some friends and didn’t bother to say goodbye to him. Continue reading

You could have known Beck

“You could have known Beck before he was big time. You might have met Elliott Smith in another dimension before he was also big time. He thought you were cool because you knew Beck and once when you heard Elliott play live in a coffee shop for a crowd of 30 teenage girlies, you told him ‘No, Elliott, I’m not cool for knowing Beck. If knowing anyone is what makes me cool, it’s knowing you because your damn voice sounds like angels singing, your voice just made me and a grown man cry. Then Elliott got big time and everyone got to hear angels singing and everyone was made to cry, even if just in their hearts.”

Grace Marks

The indies are just a cover up

nate pottker
©Nate Pottker

“The indies are just a cover up for major labels and the scrap heap of talent is piling up. The cruel end is that in five years from now, people like Paul Westerberg and Hayden and Elliott Smith and E…, all these people aren’t going to be able to make major records anymore. No one will want them because they’re not huge money-makers. The days of labels encouraging offbeat talent are over.

It’s happening now, where Elliott got a lot of critical attention at first, and now some people can’t remember who he is.”
Bob Forrest (décembre 1999)

Elliott Smith went to my high school



“Elliott Smith, or Steve Smith as his yearbook picture says, went to my high school. He was a senior when I was a freshman. I’m not that familiar with where he came from, but I remember seeing him play in this prog rock band and he had a pink paisley guitar. They were called Stranger Than Fiction and he was a great musician so I think I looked up to him. He’s an amazing guitarist. The guy would never remember me from high school. If anything he’d remember me from bands we played in high school.”

Josh England

I flew into Boston

©Alicia J. Rose

“I flew into Boston to meet the rest of The Brigade last Wed evening. I have to admit that I was in a bit of a haze as when I landed I found out that Elliott Smith had passed on from this life to the next, so much that I loaded my gear in from the cab to the club next door. I know his music affected all the players in this cast, and our condolences went out to all in attendance in Cambridge during Colin’s solo renditions of The Decemberists “Clementine”, which floated easily into Mr. Smith’s “Clementine”. We all will miss his contributions to this art form. Moving on….”

Chris Funk

It’s so tragic


“It’s so tragic. He’s from Portland, Oregon and I met him a few times and he was a really friendly guy and really nice. Every time I’ve seen him I had nothing bad to say about him, but I don’t know him that well. It was more of a general greeting. It was almost sort of my friends that knew him very well and how it went really wrong down there in Los Angeles. So everybody’s really gutted about it up in Portland because some of his true good friends are from Heatmiser and stuff. I don’t know him that well, so it was just a general thing for me. That’s sad. We really didn’t see the full brunt of it because we were on tour. We didn’t see much in Europe because we didn’t read the papers or search the internet.”

Stephen Malkmus

I can tell you what was on my tape player


“I can tell you what was on my tape player. It was Elliott Smith and Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott Smith! Elliott Smith was really popular. Not pop culture popular. He was underground popular. He didn’t have any pop savvy at all. It was all clear, beautiful documents. I’m not one to love singer songwriters. Like, I do not give a shit about Bob Dylan. I appreciate him as a human being but I do not care about his songs in the least. When people speak about Bob Dylan, that’s how I feel about Elliott Smith. He was a genius. XO and Either/Or are great.”

Beth Ditto