I curated the Meltdown Festival

“I curated the Meltdown Festival a few years ago, and I had people like Elliott Smith coming over, and I was standing with the Brits, looking over at them thinking, ‘they’re kind of like from outer space, you know?'”

Scott Walker (1943-2019)


It only took about ten seconds

by gabriellamarks
©Gabriella Marks

“It only took about ten seconds to realize he was very badly strung out and the effects on his mind were more than apparent. He couldn’t speak clearly, his hand-eye coordination was gone, he nodded off every few minutes, and woke up mumbling to imaginary people. Continue reading

I can tell you what was on my tape player


“I can tell you what was on my tape player. It was Elliott Smith and Missy Elliott. Missy Elliott Smith! Elliott Smith was really popular. Not pop culture popular. He was underground popular. He didn’t have any pop savvy at all. It was all clear, beautiful documents. I’m not one to love singer songwriters. Like, I do not give a shit about Bob Dylan. I appreciate him as a human being but I do not care about his songs in the least. When people speak about Bob Dylan, that’s how I feel about Elliott Smith. He was a genius. XO and Either/Or are great.”

Beth Ditto


I don’t know who the gentleman was that followed Alaska


“I don’t know who the gentleman was that followed Alaska but he told us of how he and friends had spent the night with Elliott before taking his life. It was apparent he was still emotionally distraught and one couldn’t help but feel his sorrow. He related to us that the song he was about to sing had been written by Elliott who had come to him in a dream the previous night. It had no title, was raw and quite emotional…he could barely finish the song. He apologized, tried catching his breath, but it was clear that singing it was overwhelming. The audience was gracious and applauded loudly, encouraging him along. But, you knew we all had giant lumps in our throats.”

“unknown” about Tito Larriva (3 novembre 2003)

J’ai beaucoup d’émotion par rapport à Elliott Smith

« J’ai beaucoup d’émotion par rapport à Elliott Smith. Quand on écoute ses chansons, on se dit qu’il avait tout compris au niveau des mélodies. Il avait une voix particulière qui touchait, des compositions, des textes très forts. Ce soir-là, on avait les Smashing Pumpkins qui jouaient dans le parc. Elliott Smith jouait quant à lui en fin de soirée à l’Orangerie, et je me rappelle avoir dû moi-même rameuter le public pour qu’il vienne le voir. Continue reading

Right next to Max Fish

“Right next to Max Fish was this gallery called Alleged Gallery.  One night you’d meet Jim Thirlwell and the next night you’d meet Chan Marshall or Elliott Smith. Elliott was around all the time. What a sweetheart. I didn’t know him that well, but the few times we did hang out really had an impact on me. Every time was just trying to talk him out of committing suicide. He’d be like, “Give me reasons.” And I guess you were supposed to bring up the Beatles.”

Stewart Lupton (1975-2018)



My name is Holly Williams


“My name is Holly Williams. Elliott Smith was my favorite musician/singer/songwriter of all time. I have all his albums and bootlegs and the Strange Parallel video. I have been devastated this week. I am a musician and he inspires me more than anyone. I am Hank Williams Jr’s daughter and Hank Williams Sr’s granddaughter. I have read interviews where Elliott talks about Hank Sr. and he’s wearing my dad’s t-shirt on the cover of XO. My grandfather had a very rough life and Elliott’s life reminded me alot of it. Hank Sr. had so many inner demons to struggle with and I always hoped and prayed that Elliott would be able to overcome those. His music will be influential for decades, it was honest and beautiful and intricate. His music changed my life. May he rest in the peace that he couldn’t seem to find here…”

Holly Williams (29 octobre 2003)

I’ll use a cut-up method or sewing box

grant with cat

“I’ll use a cut-up method or sewing box I have that’s full of words that will send me down a certain path. It does seem to unlock your unconscious, I kind of feel the song is buried back somewhere. I turned a few people on to one-minute songs. It’s like this little ritual that you pass to those who might be receptive. Elliott Smith was one of them. There’s a tape somewhere.”

Grant Lee Phillips

One morning during the tour I wake up in St Louis

“One morning during the tour I wake up in St Louis to the sound of my hotel room phone ringing. I get the news that our friend Elliott Smith has died back in Echo Park. The first time I met Elliott, back in 1996, I walked out of the room and pulled one of our mutual friends aside and said, “I’m worried about this guy.” He was a super sweet and quiet guy who didn’t appear to have any armor to protect himself, and he was on the rise in the music business- not a good place for the armorless, it turns out. I felt really strong and safe in comparison, and that’s saying something. Continue reading