Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith shared

“Well, Kurt Cobain and Elliott Smith shared this very shy quiet introverted exterior, and underneath they were each goofballs in their own right. I felt my own shyness kept us from becoming closer friends but I respected their work so much and feel lucky to have played music alongside both of them. Elliott used to eat at the restaurant I worked at, and he was very shy. I loved Heatmiser and was surprised when Elliott gave me a copy of ‘Roman Candle’, at how quietly gorgeous it sounded. Nobody was going in that direction at the time. It was like a whisper of things to come. We played some shows together doing the solo thing, and it was apparent that he was really amazing. Later, when I was touring with N°2 and Elliott, I discovered how hilarious Elliott was. He and Neil Gust were like a comedy team. I laughed so much on that tour that my cheeks hurt most of the time. It is really hard to choose a favorite. His songs are incredibly crafted, each part so well thought-out and polished to this thing of perfection, the lyrics poetic and profane at the same time. I can narrow it down to “Son of Sam” and “Needle in the hay”.”

Gilly Ann Hanner