There was just one conversation during which all of these matters were discussed


1. Petitioner Marta Greenwald is the administrator of the estate of Elliott Smith. The estate is being administered in a probate action that is pending in the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Prior to his death on October 21, 2003, Smith resided in Los Angeles, California. Smith was a well-known composer, singer and musical recording artist.
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I made the point that we really would like to see the case closed


“I made the point that we really would like to see the case closed – and probably not even as much as he would – but we are not angling for one resolution over the other : if it was suicide/ homicide/ manslaughter, if a determination could ultimately be made we would be satisfied.  He agreed.
I mentioned that we wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for the conflicting hearsay, even from the witness herself. And that we would like to see a more realistic portrayal of E, as complicated as he was. Continue reading