My music doesn’t get too complex


My music doesn’t get too complex in its arrangements, but every now and then I like to plant little sonic Easter eggs in my songs. A few days into our [Grandaddy’s] tour with Elliott, we were hanging out and he brought up a song of mine and mentioned a subtle little sneaky chord change I did on the recording, and it kind of blew me away. I mean, not only had he listened, but he really listened, and the fact that I was even discussing this with him was a big thrill to me.”

Jason Lytle

He had a really good sense of humor

“He had a really good sense of humor. Elliott was a really funny guy, which a lot people don’t know. He kind of had that thing I was just talking about—reserving your strength. At some point, you realize you’re just giving it out, giving it out, giving it out. Then, when it comes time to drive home and get through a hard day, you got 20 minutes left in the show and it’s not going the right way and you have to pull out the stops, and you dip into those reserves, I picked up a bit from him. Other than that, I’ve had a few friends that took this tragic route. He did. I realized that I don’t want to be like that. I love being alive and I love having these moments of beauty and experiencing things. It really sucks when you have friends that have died and you realize every time you’re having a happy moment—it just makes me wonder why they ended up taking such a tragic route.”

Jason Lytle