I had seen “Will Hunting” and loved the music


“I had seen “Will Hunting” and loved the music. I’ll never forget his performance at the Oscars that I watched with my friend Ileen. After the song, I asked ’“WHO is that guy?”  I was thrilled and real happy that someone so nice and beautiful had been nominated for an Oscar.We briefly met at the Rockfest festival, but it’s only later, after he moved to L.A., that I asked my friend Steve to introduce me.”

Jennifer Chiba, Vox Pop (2010)

“At Spaceland he first met Jennifer Chiba. He had wandered in just as she’d finished a gig – Chiba played bass in a band called The Warlocks. Mutual friend Steve Hanft was there too, and Elliott asked for an introduction.”

W.T. Schultz, Torment Saint, 2013