The project was becoming more and more ‘tense’


“The project was becoming more and more ‘tense’ before Elliott’s death, some people described Jen and Elliott’s relationship as a kind of ‘Sid and Nancy’ situation, it certainly was getting very difficult for us and the rest of the band to work with the two of them. Continue reading


Elliott was not as hopeless and helpless


“Elliott was not as hopeless and helpless as Jennifer Chiba made him out to be. She also asserted that he was terribly unstable because he had gone off all of his medications, yet anti-depressants were still found in his system, so that can’t be entirely true either. He was working on an unfinished project (and it’s unlikely he would have just said “fuck it” for that alone). He seemed hopeful and positive when I last saw him (It may have been June but somehow I thought it was later than that–more like August or early September). It’s so convenient to use his past bouts of depression coupled with his music as evidence of his suicidal tendencies. That’s the trouble. He has the image of a gloomy, sad guy (which he was only part of the time, whereas most of the time he was a lot of fun). It was so easy to make his death out to be a suicide from the legacy he created. I have a strong hunch that Jennifer Chiba knew this and continues to use this to her advantage and it’s exactly how she has been able to manipulate the story in her favor. They weren’t together for that long, but I knew him well for sixteen years, and I feel strongly that more should be done to uncover the facts.”

Serena Williams

The year he died, Elliott came to see me play


“The year he died, Elliott came to see me play. He was excited about his studio and he hadn’t been doing drugs. He wanted to show me his studio. I was going to go after the show, but Jennifer Chiba threw a fit and made him leave. That was a bummer – we hadn’t hung out in years and been civil, and we were making some amends. It was the last time I saw him.”

Joanna Bolme

I had seen “Will Hunting” and loved the music


“I had seen “Will Hunting” and loved the music. I’ll never forget his performance at the Oscars that I watched with my friend Ileen. After the song, I asked ’“WHO is that guy?”  I was thrilled and real happy that someone so nice and beautiful had been nominated for an Oscar. We briefly met at some rock festival, but it’s only later, after he moved to L.A., that I asked my friend Steve to introduce me.”

Jennifer Chiba, Vox Pop (2010)

“At Spaceland he first met Jennifer Chiba. He had wandered in just as she’d finished a gig – Chiba played bass in a band called The Warlocks. Mutual friend Steve Hanft was there too, and Elliott asked for an introduction.”

W.T. Schultz, Torment Saint (2013)

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