He was really having fun experimenting


“He was really having fun experimenting with recording. And as always with Elliott, the lyrics were incredibly poignant and very consistent and very beautiful. He was always editing and working. He always had a large cycle of songs that he was making better, and sometimes that cycle took years.”

Luke Wood


Place Pigalle was both a song and an original working title of Figure 8


Place Pigalle was both a song and an original working title of Figure 8. Hence the demos that Elliott had worked up in A+R Luke Wood’s home studio were given the name Place Pigalle. And I think the name was inspired by the girl in France he was hanging out with.”

Rob Schnapf

Elliott was living in my neighborhood in Silverlake at the time


“Elliott was living in my neighborhood in Silverlake at the time, and he demoed some of the Figure 8 songs at my house, because I had a small studio. He’d be there during the day while I was at work, and I would get to come home and hear these things as they came together, and literally look at his sketchpads of lyrics. Figure 8 is a very specific record. Just like XO, it’s different lyrically and slightly more esoteric, but he had a real idea of what he wanted to say. It was such a joy watching the thought he would put into small things as he wrote: Should it be “to” or should it be “at?” Should it be first-person or second-person? Should this be plural or singular? Where should I put the modifier? He would write five different versions of a sentence, only changing the modifier. His music was unbelievably well-thought-out.”
Luke Wood