I’m pleased, it’s a perfect home for Elliott

“I’m pleased. It’s a perfect home for Elliott, with DreamWorks’ artist development, and the way that they think about a project. He feels comfortable; he knows that it’s not like it’s over if this record doesn’t do something, and there’s still plenty of time yet. We just know we’re going to make the most of this record and that there’s more to go and many more to make, and a long-term relationship, and let’s build this, and grow, and grow together… It’s going to take time, and they’re willing to do that.”

Margaret Mittleman (1999)

I worked with Jon and Ethan when they were sidemen for Sam Phillips/T-Bone Burnett


“Totally untrue story, for what it’s worth… I worked with Jon and Ethan when they were sidemen for Sam Phillips/T-Bone Burnett. I had signed Heatmiser and Brendan Benson at the same time as well. Ethan produced Brendan’s debut, Brendan and Heatmiser toured together. I played “Roman Candle” for Ethan and T-Bone, Margaret Mittleman brought Jon into the picture a bit later.”

Andy Factor