Kurt Cobain was essentially getting up on stage


“Kurt Cobain was essentially getting up on stage and people applauded the beautiful guy. And he did some brilliant work, but it wasn’t like a fundamental difference between him and somebody that – I don’t want to glibly say he was just like David Cassidy or something like that, but it was kind of like that. Certainly when he got famous, there were all kinds of people just going there because he was this beautiful compelling guy. And Elliott was not that guy. And people loved him for his music. Also, I don’t think he felt sorry for himself; I think Kurt Cobain felt really sorry for himself.”

Mike Doughty

I just wanted to do something with him

©Jesse Barnett

“I just wanted to do something with him, and between Either/Or and XO, he came down to my studio. I sat him in front of a binaural head, which is this grey foam sculpture of a human head with two specialized microphones in each ear hole that has this incredibly realistic stereo effect. So we sat down in front of this ludicrous device and he sang two songs, which became other songs later—one was “The record that plays over and over/ There’s a kid in the story below” lines from “Bottle Up and Explode!” The other one ended up as “Going Nowhere”. I didn’t have anything good to add to them, but I have these a cappella versions. I wish I knew where I put them.”

Mike Doughty