As a small-time concert promoter

©Richard Paradis

“As a small-time concert promoter I booked a lot of bands who went on to be huge rock stars when they were small. One of my favorites was Elliott Smith when he was still in Heatmiser from Portland. I booked him twice at SevenSouth (now The HiDive) in Denver. The first show sold only 39 tickets. A year later their agent called looking for a replay. I said no.

The next day Elliott called me. He really wanted the show. I told him about my loss after the first show. He offered to play solo for less money.

He then said, “Richard, I thought we were friends” – I am a softy and that did it. I booked his band at the same price-point as the first time. And guess what? The same thing happened. 39 paid. Looking back, that was the best money that I ever lost. I miss you Elliott. We are friends. RIP.”

Dick Dime/Richard Paradis