This was a commission from my friend


“This was a commission from my friend Wendy Miller. Elliott has always been one of my favorite humans and I was so stoked to be asked to work on this poster. It was a benefit for the Lovejoy Columns and I was given specific photos that they wanted to incorporate into the design. I was really happy that this turned out as it did, and the folks I turned it into were equally stoked. Unfortunately, the show was cancelled. Of note is that M. Ward is opening this show and I believe that if we’d met yet it was only in passing at this point.”

Rob Jones

I recorded this back in 1996

©Autumn Andel

“I recorded this back in 1996 in Elliott’s basement for the local show on KWVA. We got to talking and realized we had the same 8-track and so I just came up to PDX with a reel of tape, and left with 4 amazing songs [ Angeles, Thirteen, Half Right, See You Later ] and a really goofy interview. That was a fun day. I said “totally” a lot. Such a talented fellow and an all around nice guy. Sigh.”

Rob Jones