The sequence where Elliott

“The sequence where Elliott is behind the fence was a hidden homage to this Gainsbourg video.

It was challenging getting the label to sign off on the idea of the video being Elliott just walking around. I told them there is an incredible video where Serge is just standing behind a fence and it’s riveting because of the song and Serge Gainsbourg’s charisma. But back then you couldn’t send a link. I only had a bootleg VHS of it. They just had to take your word for it. I realize now if HAD shown them this video of dour Serge sniffling in the cold behind a dirty fence they probably would have fired me on the spot.”

Ross Harris


I recently transferred the raw footage


“I recently transferred the raw footage that I shot with Elliott 15 years ago for his first album. Kill Rock Stars just released a compilation of his work from that time. I decided to put together a little mini doc about the making of the video and just some remembrances from that time. He came to live with me for a couple weeks and we just hung out and shot stuff on Super 8 and 16mm—just had a real cool time. He’s become this legendary doomed poet and it is so much in contrast with the Elliott that I knew. He was really a fun dude. Great sense of humor and compassion. Anything I can do to get the message out about his true nature, I want to do.”

Ross Harris